My name should have been Eve because I easily get seduced into painting that forbidden fruit – the apple. It probably says something about my personality, but I would rather not delve into that topic too deeply! There is something warm and comforting about a perfectly rounded, red apple and apples are of course delicious; think apple pie, toffee apples, intoxicating and sweet apple cider, the list goes on.

I love its round, full shape, the beautiful reds, complimentary greens and sometimes almost toxic yellows that nature bestows on it. The Apple is a rewarding subject to paint for an artist.The possibilities are endless –

‘ An apple a day’, The Forbidden Fruit; William Tell’s apple; Snow White’s Poison Apple; Apple computers; the ‘Bad Apple’; the ‘Rotten Apple’, etc.

A juicy, ripe apple is also the perfect teacher’s bribe.Apples are easy to the eye; they come in simple and familiar shapes. They are colourful and easy to arrange in a still life setting. A cheerful painting of a  bowl of apples enhances the décor of a kitchen or dining area instantly. Most of my ‘apple’ paintings have sold quickly. Apples, in some way or another, should always be on an interior decorators’ shopping list.The proof is not in the pudding here but  the red ‘sold’ sticker on a painting – of an apple