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Thinking of decorating? A new picture on the wall, a splash of colour will do wonders to liven up a drab interior.

You can pop into your nearest discount store and buy a ready to hang a print of a painting on canvas to compliment your decor, too easy! Alternatively, without too much hassle you can purchase affordable, mass-produced pictures on the internet. Many of us aren’t even overly concerned with the subject matter depicted or the style of painting, as long as the colours match (not my favourite word) the interior, and the overall size and design of the print complements the decor. It is inexpensive, fun, easy and close enough to the real thing, but is it art? Wouldn’t an original painting look better?

Sometimes it seems the only purpose of the ‘picture on the wall’ is to fill in a blank spot and to compliment the decor. Commercial artists make a comfortable living from churning out designs to print en masse, to be sold for home decoration. There is a market for such art; the print has a rightful place. But what is happening to the Fine artist and the Painter? The Monets and Picassos of today and tomorrow?

No Time For Art

Some of us engage the help of professional design experts to decorate, furnish and choose the art for our homes; others pop into a local shop to buy a pot of colourful paint for the walls and a ready to hang print or two for decoration. We live in an impatient contemporary world; we want our homes designed, furnished and decorated, complete with art on the wall, with the least amount of fuss and decision-making. We want it now; yesterday would have been better, and we complain that finding quality original art is too time-consuming. Accepted in times of limited budgets, cheap and cheerful prints will certainly brighten a dull corner of the house; no raised eyebrows, please.

The Reward Of Buying An Original

A beautiful enlarged colourful print might look lovely above you fireplace; but I guarantee that you will cherish an original, lovingly hand painted artwork by an artist more. It will have cost you more in time and money, but you will value it infinitely more than a copy. Your choice of art will mirror your personal taste, and you will feel a connection.

Paintings Are Posh

Modern graphics and digitally produced art deserve their appreciation and accolades; without it, our cyber-society would be at a loss. But it is not always necessary to buy ‘ready-to-hang ‘contemporary art from the home-decor shop. I know that it is affordable, if not downright cheap. But what if you’ve spent a fortune on everything else, the designer kitchen, high-tech appliances, and quality modern furnishings? Original artwork on the wall would surely add a touch of class, and it needn’t cost the earth. Look out for ‘new to the scene’ emerging artists whose art will be for sale at reasonable prices. Although it is possible to buy original art on the internet, and not essential to leave the comfort of your armchair, seeing art ‘in the flesh’ is more rewarding.

Find The Time

We say we are too busy to visit art galleries, yet we pack football stadiums on weekends. For some of us, following trends in art seem like an effort. But being trendy and on the cutting edge of fashion does matter to many. Going to an art gallery is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, and it doesn’t cost a cent. If you are a newbie and fear to feel intimidated, start by visiting an art museum. You won’t have to be afraid that eager sales staff will pressure you into buying art. Acquaint yourself with the styles of different artists and find out which appeal to you. Soon you will be ‘gallery-crawling’ and eager to purchase your first original painting.

Whether you decide on a traditionally framed oil painting in a realistic style, or a more contemporary, abstract, modern composition, not unlike the ones for sale at the home-decor store, you will be the proud owner of the original artwork. A loving hand painted by an artist, picture to hang on your wall; you will have buttered a contented artist’s bread, who will be eager to produce his next masterpiece. Make time for art; you will find it worth the effort.

I fear the death of the artist/painter will be imminent if we don’t make more of an effort to support the Fine Arts. I have recently added a painting to my modest collection of original art, and every time I walk past it, I have to stop to admire it, it is a perfect picture to have on my wall.