My Art

 My art   Apples, plums and pears

10269391_658045257594826_2191990375617476826_n 10325514_658045260928159_2051163013819503371_n 314874_374148489317839_1441115412_n 304525_387814034617951_1006830797_n 10371589_658045264261492_4752937122325524285_n 530086_375439602522061_1753760568_n 578652_374148525984502_604472081_n 530086_375439602522061_1753760568_n Capture the harvest



The triptych below I painted for a friends birthday, it is a combination of important milestones in her and her family’s life.


Other Paintings

1013130_511610518904968_1194960662_n IMG_1216 blue comfort ?????????? Cyclamen- a painting of my own 10549956_702486569817361_4780773601940302463_o

Capture my watercolour lillies

2 thoughts on “My Art”

  1. Stunningly vibrant , so mood evoking

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