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We are All Real Artists

Often in conversation I have heard it said  ”  ‘So and so’  is a ‘Real Artist.’ ”

Who is he? Art is woven into the fabric of all our lives.

Arranging a bunch of flowers, deciding which tie or pair of shoes will complete the outfit is about being an artist.

We all have a need to belong and to be accepted by our contemporaries. We want to be embraced for our individuality. Our differences are what make us unique and we love it when others find us interesting. We go about our daily lives being artists.

Votre Image!

We all express our individuality in some way or another, and we are all capable of being creative. You are the creator of your persona. Your image matters to you, so you put the artist in you to work..

Our dress and hair styles are of all importance.It is here that it gets complicated, we yearn to be different but also to conform and be fashionable at the same time. Modern ‘Goth-fashion’ inspired by Victorian mourning wear is an attempt at both.

Capture goth fashion

No hairstyles in history can outshine those of Marie Antoinette’s. One of her famous hair-dos “Coiffure a la Belle Poulet” was designed after a naval battle in which the frigate Belle Poulet was victorious.

Capture la belle poulet

Ridiculous as it seems now, the ‘Ce est quoi? Coiffure’ –  ‘ What is it?  Hairstyle’ was feverishly copied by ladies of the time. Marie Antoinette’s milliner/hair stylist was a talented artist.

Art is Everywhere

The cars we drive, the homes we live in and the way we choose to decorate (or not) our living spaces all make up the image that we create.

Some artists are in the kitchen, creating culinary works of art, delightful to the eye and the palette. For some artists, creativity flows through the written word and for some sung or spoken through their voices. Some are gardeners, creating beautiful landscapes; others are the creators or designers of just about every item we use daily.

IMG_1260 chinese tea garden 2Capture kettle

An artist chose the colour and design of your vacuum cleaner, the picture on the tissue box, the shape and colour of the kettle, the custom designed kitchen.Even the butterfly print on the toilet paper. These are all are the work of artists; but the real artist is you because by deciding which colours and designs to surround you with, you are working on a work of art – your image.


There are the Painters among us, the ones we traditionally like to refer to as ‘Artists’. With their paints and brushes, they create images on canvas or other supports; sometimes their images are easy to understand and appreciate.The abstract expressionist’s creation can seem complicated, an ‘in-depth’ analysis may be required to gain understanding.

Painters express their creativity in two dimensions.There are the Sculptors and the Architects who do it in three dimensions.There is digital art and kinetic art, and new mediums are being invented all the time for traditional artists  to use and explore.

Give it a moments’ thought and you will discover your creativity and realise that you are an artist, a ‘Real Artist’.Everyone is good at making or creating some things; I object to the term being reserved solely for a select group of ‘artists’ who make a living from selling their art.

Call them Professional artists because creating art is their profession.