Rainbow Colours

I am passionate about colour, and I love to paint. Splashing colour onto canvas is simply delightful.

The works of the Australian artist and icon Margaret Olley inspire me – She painted ordinary still lives, bursting with colour and life.

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The anticipation that I feel when holding a fresh palette and faced with a clean white canvas is a joy, as is squeezing paint from the tubes of ruby reds, heavenly blues, deep ocean ultramarines and forest emerald greens onto a clean palette in perfect rainbows. Okay not rainbows, that is overdoing it a bit

A cliche – nevertheless I  simultaneously lose and find myself behind my easel. Hours spent behind the easel are invaluable to the being of me.

The Dirty Dishes can Wait

We live in an impatient world today and I am not suggesting that I live a fast-paced life! But I do find it a real challenge to find ‘me’ time, perhaps we all do. Another enemy is guilt, do I deserve to spend valuable time on ‘indulging’ in my favourite hobby?  or should I be busying myself with something ‘useful’? Perhaps doing the family’s laundry? I think not!

The Blank Canvas

I come face to face with myself in front of the blank canvas and I have to delve into my psyche, sometimes filled with trepidation, but often,  creativity bubbles out in colourful bursts.

My Yellow Brick Road

On my journey to find the inner artist I chose to follow the endeavours of various artists over the years with great enthusiasm, admiration and at times with awe. Many have inspired me, and I hope that I never reach a destination and that there will always be new and exciting things to discover on my journey into the world of art.