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Artists dip their brushes in their lives and paint what they find there, weaving tidbits of themselves into their work.No two artists paint or create art in the same way.

An artist’s signature is always present in her work; like fingerprints, it is unique and personal. It is not necessarily only in her name on the canvas but is also evident in other ways. From the use of brushstrokes, line, colour palettes to the subject matter. Artists are human and experience emotions and have ideas. We all have our own stories to tell through art.

The Nine Lives Exhibition, sponsored by Paradigm, will showcase the art of nine female artists, who will be exhibiting together for the first time. This exhibition highlights social connections and is a celebration of life. For some, dabbling in the arts has been a long-term hobby, and a happy past time; others have pursued it with more vigour and entered competitions that have lead to nominations for art awards. Most have exhibited and sold paintings. A bubbly bunch with a ‘ Joy de Vivre,’  enjoying the mid-years of their lives.

The diversity among the group and the variety of their styles and palettes are exciting.

 Debbie Beddoes is a poet and a painter.She has published a book of poetry for the exhibition.Her quirky poems speak of her life experiences; they are funny, sometimes sad, but always touch the heart.Debbie paints with acrylics on canvas and is including a series of  Australian landscape paintings.

Penny Bond enjoys experimenting with various media and styles; she will be exhibiting a collection of ink drawings on paper, and some acrylic paintings.Penny enjoys using vibrant colours, but at times, depending on her mood a complete absence of colour is evident which lends impact to her art.

Diana Elliott includes the human element in her paintings, depicting cafe and everyday scenes.She uses oils exclusively and prefers using palette knives and painting in an impasto style.

Bethany Davis will be exhibiting acrylic paintings on stretched canvas.Her paintings are impressionistic and the play of light and shadows at different times of the day inspires her.

Helen Johnstone uses a variety of media and paints the Australian landscape; the ‘Red Earth’  and the Outback inspires her. Helen is including a series of paintings in oils and acrylics

Helen Newman paints in an abstract style; she experiments with acrylics and mixed media, using a pouring and layering technique. Her paintings are bold, colourful, and contemporary.

Lynn Peirce works magic with textiles. Her framed designs focus on texture and colour; elements of the Australian landscape is evident in her art.

Gigi Sperinck prefers oils and working on large canvasses. For this exhibition, she will include smaller landscape paintings painted with palette knives, and a large ‘Nine Lives’ inspired contemporary painting on canvas.

Betty Young is the watercolourist in the group, but she also enjoys using acrylics. She hopes to exhibit some land and seascapes. Greeting cards with her designs will be on sale during the exhibition.

Nine Lives – The Exhibition,  7-13th November 2016

The official opening,  Tuesday 8th November at 6.30 p.m.

Venue – The Atwell Gallery, Alfred Cove in Western Australi

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